Programs & Services

General Description of Programs and Services

Free to Be Programs has two behavioral treatment programs.  Free to Be – FFA is a residential program for children.  One to two children are placed in family homes that are certified by our agency.  These families have been thoroughly screened and have completed comprehensive pre-certification training.  The families are closely monitored and receive ongoing training and support from our agency.  Children of all ages (0-17) may be admitted to this program.  However, individuals can stay in the FFA up to the age of 22 as long as all parties agree that the home remains appropriate for the individual’s adult needs.

Free to Be – FHA is our residential program that serves adults exclusively.  One to two individuals may be placed in a certified home; however, each adult gets their own bedroom.  Family home providers have been certified by our agency after careful screening and training.  These individuals receive ongoing training and support from our agency. Individuals 18 and older may be admitted to this program.  In many cases, individuals that are served in the FFA transfer to the FHA so that the person can continue to receive services as an adult.